[mercury-users] Re: [m-rev.] diff: more hlc.agc fixes

Michael Day mikeday at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 5 16:21:10 AEDT 2002

> The differences between the asm_fast.gc grade (the default) and the hlc.gc
> grade (--high-level-code) are

... so hlc.gc is more portable and often more efficient, that sounds nice.

> The hlc.agc grade (--high-level-code --gc accurate) is like hlc.gc except
> that it uses our own home-grown accurate garbage collector rather than
> the Boehm (et al) conservative collector.  It is very much a work in
> progress at the moment.  Whether or not it will ever be useful for
> anything remains an open question at this point.

What makes a garbage collector accurate, exactly? It scans a more precise 
memory range? It doesn't have to scan at all? Is this being done for 
efficiency reasons?


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