[mercury-users] Unstable ROTD

Roy Ward rward at infoscience.otago.ac.nz
Tue Aug 13 14:03:44 AEST 2002

Is it documented anywhere which tests the unstable ROTDs have failed, so 
I can find this out without having to download, build and run the tests?

I'm interested in using a version of Mercury with the lastest glibc 
(there was a bug only recently fixed), but the system that my code is 
part of is heading towards release, and having to specify that it won't 
work with particular versions of glibc is not ideal.

I notice that there hasn't been a stable rotd since May, and I'm hoping 
that either a new stable ROTD is out shortly, or there is an unstable 
ROTD that doesn't break anything that I need. I'd rather not be quite so 
close to the bleeding edge (particularly with even beta release 
software!), but that seems to be a problem with trying to be compatible 
with the latest and greatest libraries that people might be using.

Of course, I could just try linking _everything_ in staticly, including 
glibc (not even sure if this is possible till I try it), but that would 
result in a huge binary with licensing issues.

Roy Ward.

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