static linking (was Re: [mercury-users] ICFP 2002)

Fergus Henderson fjh at
Mon Aug 12 15:54:13 AEST 2002

On 12-Aug-2002, Michael Day <mikeday at> wrote:
> > mmc --make --link-flags "--mercury-libs static"
> In fact, I seem to be getting static binaries no matter how I build them.
> When I hide the Mercury libraries the binaries still run without errors,
> and they're rather large (smallest is 1.5mb).
> Are static binaries the default on Linux?

Yes.  See the README.Linux file in the distribution.

As it says there, to use the shared libraries, you must compile
your program with `mmc --pic-reg' and link with `ml --shared' or add
`MGNUCFLAGS=--pic-reg' and `MLFLAGS=--shared' to your Mmakefile.

If you're using `mmc --make', that means either using
`mmc --make --pic-reg --link-flags "--shared"'
or putting the above settings of MGNUCFLAGS and MLFLAGS in the
Mercury.options file.

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