[mercury-users] Mercury on Mac OS X (10.0.4)

Roy Ward roy at videoscript.com
Mon Sep 10 20:29:38 AEST 2001

on 10/9/01 9:32 PM, Richard Hagen at richardhagen at mac.com wrote:

> Please find attached an updated version of Roy Ward's
> instructions for installing Mercury under Mac OS X.
> This version addresses the very very long compilation times
> experienced using Roy's original notes. Compilation of a minimal
> Mercury system can now be completed in a matter of a couple of
> hours (rather than a couple of days).
Thanks for that - I didn't know about the -no-cpp-precomp or
--disable-most-grades flags. There was one particular grade that
took the vast bulk of the time.

I might even get around to trying it shortly (on MacOSX 10.1 5G27),
or (better) trying out a recent rotd - I believe that sufficient
improvements have gone in (Smart recompilation) to warrant it.

Roy Ward.

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