[mercury-users] DTD parsing with XML parser

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at atlas.otago.ac.nz
Tue Jun 19 12:31:16 AEST 2001

Michael Day <mikeday at corplink.com.au> wrote:
	Is it possible to use the XML parser to parse DTD files? (a file
	consisting solely of the internal subset of a DTD, I think).

That's the *external* subset.

The third fastest XML parser available to me (mine is the fastest,
James Clark's is the second fastest) is Jan Weilemaker's, which is
part of the SWI Prolog distribution.  It can handle SGML (excluding
the LINK and CONCUR features), plain XML, and XML+Namespaces.  It
offers the option of converting the/a DTD to Prolog.  It's used for
processing _huge_ RDF files.

There's the parser library, a stand-alone 'sgml' program, and a wrapper
that turns it into a loadable SWI Prolog library.

I suggest that the most expedient way of getting a fast good quality
XML parser would be to repackage SWI SGML in Mercury.

So far my Mercury experience is pure Mercury only, so it's not something
I'd care to take on just yet.
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