Functional syntax (Was: RE: [mercury-users] Hi, and determini sm)

Ralph Becket rbeck at
Mon Jan 29 21:54:46 AEDT 2001

>From Mattias Waldau on 29/01/2001 07:49:56
> The solution is obvious: Remove the variables, and that can in many cases
> done by using functional syntax (even if the functions are nondet).

NB. Functions can only be det or semidet.

> P.s. I have stopped using Mercury right know, since my predicates mostly
> were det or semidet. I am using Ocaml. However, I am very curious about
> since constraint programming needs a logic language, a functional isn't
> enough.

Just out of interest, how often do you find yourself using Ocaml's
features?  Much of the Ocaml code I've seen could not be called functional.


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