Functional syntax (Was: RE: [mercury-users] Hi, and determinism)

Mattias Waldau mattias.waldau at
Mon Jan 29 18:35:49 AEDT 2001

I am a seasoned Prolog-programmer and I used Mercury a bit half a year ago.
I really liked Mercury, but as Dan detects, most of your predicates are det
or semidet, and all the semidet are used for testing, i.e. returns a boolean

As noted in previous entries, semidet can hide some variable problems.

The solution is obvious: Remove the variables, and that can in many cases be
done by using functional syntax (even if the functions are nondet).

There were some proposals like this in the eighties. Have you thought about


P.s. I have stopped using Mercury right know, since my predicates mostly
were det or semidet. I am using Ocaml. However, I am very curious about HAL,
since constraint programming needs a logic language, a functional isn't

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