[mercury-users] Higher order / currying functors

Michael Day mikeday at bigpond.net.au
Fri Aug 31 11:47:09 AEST 2001


I tried using a functor where a function was expected, like this:

:- type foo ---> f(int).

:- pred do_stuff(func(int) = foo, ...).

do_stuff(f, ...)

passing f as a function that can be used to construct foos. I wasn't
really expecting it to work, as you can't take the address of multimoded
functions/predicates yet and functors are multimoded, right? But it didn't
not work for that reason, it just complained that f should have more

Will it ever be possible to treat functors as functions - ie. is this
something that just hasn't been done yet or is it not going to happen due
to the way Mercury handles types and modes?


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