[mercury-users] mercury website (was Suggestion: new operator )

Ralph Becket rbeck at microsoft.com
Tue Oct 24 20:04:13 AEDT 2000

>From Mattias Waldau on 24/10/2000 07:25:00
> Sorry, I rephrase: In any other USED language.
> I really thinks the thread about "field updates" shows my point.
> The world has changed, 10 years ago, every langauge has to be more or less
> self contained, incl GUI, DB and all. The reason was that then there were
> good way of  programming using multiple langauges, no defined ways on how
> interface. Debugging was hopeless.
> CORBA and COM changed that a little bit, even if they aren't widely used.
> XML, SOAP will change this much more.

I'm not sure that XML will improve matters much since agreement on types and
semantics is still pretty much by convention.

I suspect .NET will be much more significant, since it was designed for
language interop. from the outset.  But then I work for MS.

> I think, we should expect Mercury to be used as back-end languages behind
> Java, VBA or similar. And some of these people must be able to understand
> and write Mercury-code!

Joe programmer seems to have a major problem dealing with functional
languages and decent type systems, let alone mode systems, predicate
notation and backtracking control flow.  I very much doubt that anyone
will be able to sell Mercury to the masses.  A little bit of not-that-odd
extra syntax is probably the least of the difficulties facing a newcomer.

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