[mercury-users] mercury website (was Suggestion: new operator)

Mattias Waldau mattias.waldau at abc.se
Sat Oct 21 04:21:29 AEDT 2000

>>> > If we cannot use brackets, we should use functions and predicates.

>>> Do you object to the other infix operators or are they okay?

Since I have written Prolog parser, I understand that it is diffucult to
handle [ ]. However, I really thinks that the lack of lex and yacc for logic
programming languages really sucks, since it makes things like [ ] difficult
and makes us create idiotic syntaxes.

Of course, we should continue use the same infix operators that exists in
any other language (like +), and maybe keep the "strange ones" of logic
programming like ->.

However, I cannot see why we should invent new ones.


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