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Gopal Gupta gupta at cs.nmsu.edu
Thu May 25 01:01:20 AEST 2000

                        CL'2000 Workshop on
        (Constraint) Logic Programming and Software Engineering
                   London, UK, July 25, 2000

The aim of this workshop is to explore applications of logic 
programming and constraint programming to the process of 
constructing reliable software and to programming-in-the-large. 
Papers and experience reports describing use of LP and CLP 
techniques to various aspects of the software engineering 
process are invited. Topics of interest include (but are 
not limited to):

      o Rapid prototopying and System Modeling
      o Software Design Methodologies based on LP/CLP
      o Software Specification 
      o Domain Specific Languages
      o Derivation of Efficient Implementations 
               from Specifications
      o Automatic Software Generation
      o Testing and Debugging 
      o Test Case Generation
      o Software Verification
      o Software Process Discovery 
      o Software Reuse
      o Analysis of Software Systems/Software Process
      o Software Quality Assurance
      o Requirements Analysis
      o Security Issues

The workshop will be held on July 25 (Tues) in conjunction with CL'2000 in London 
(July 24 - 28).  For information on CL2000 visit: http://baza.doc.ic.ac.uk/cl2000.

Submission deadline: Paper should be received by June 10th.
Notification of acceptance/rejection: June 20, 2000

Submission procedure: Electronically submit a 
   postscript, pdf, or a word file to gupta at cs.nmsu.edu.

Proceedings: Informal proceedings will be published and will
	be available during the workshop. Selected
	papers may be invited for a special issue of a 
	journal (to be determined).

Invited speakers:
	Sam Daniel, Motorala, USA
	Constance Heitmeyer, Naval Research Labs, USA

Organizers: Gopal Gupta (New Mexico State University)
		gupta at cs.nmsu.edu
            I. V. Ramakrishnan (SUNY Stony Brook)
		ram at cs.sunysb.edu

Contact address and email:
	Gopal Gupta
	Lab for Logic and Databases
	Box 30001/CS
	Las Cruces, NM
	USA 88003

        Ph: +1 505 646 6236
        Fax: +1 505 646 1002
	Contact email: gupta at cs.nmsu.edu
	Web page: http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~lpse
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