[mercury-users] SAIG Deadline Extended to June 5th

Walid Taha taha at cs.chalmers.se
Thu May 25 02:13:34 AEST 2000

                             DEADLINE EXTENDED

                 Semantics, Applications and Implementation 
                       of Program Generation (SAIG)

                ( http://www.md.chalmers.se/~taha/saig/ )

              ICFP Workshop, Montreal, September 20th, 2000.  

              NEW DEADLINE:  June 5th, 2000 is final and firm.

Numerous recent studies investigate different aspects of program
generation systems, including their semantics, their applications, and
their implementation.  Existing theories and systems address both
high-level (source) language and low-level (machine) language generation.  
A number of programming languages now supports program generation and
manipulation, with different goals, implementation techniques, and
targeted at different applications. The goal of this workshop is to
provide a meeting place for researchers and practitioners interested in
this research area, and in program generation in general.

Scope:  The workshop solicits submissions related to one or more of the
following topics:

   * Multi-level and multi-stage languages, staged computation,
   * Partial evaluation (of e.g. functional, logical, imperative
   * Run-time specialization (in e.g. compilers, operating systems),
   * High-level program generation (applications, foundations,
   * Symbolic computation, in-lining and macros,

Submissions are especially welcome if they relate ideas and concepts from
several topics, bridge the gap between theory and practice, cover new
ground, or report exciting applications. The program committee will be
happy to advise on the appropriateness of a particular subject.

Distribution:  Accepted papers will be published as a Chalmers technical
report, and will be made available online.  A special issue of the Journal
of Higher Order and Symbolic Computation (HOSC) is planned afterwards.

Format:  The one-day workshop will contain slots for participants to
present accepted papers. In addition, there will be time allocated for
open discussions during the workshop.  Invited speakers will be announced
in the near future.

Invited Speakers:

   * Gilles Muller, IRISA
   * Dick Kieburtz, OGI
   * Frank Pfenning, CMU

Submission Details:  Authors are invited to submit papers of at most 5000
words (excluding figures), in postscript format (letter or A4), to
saig at cs.chalmers.se by June 5th 2000. Both position and technical papers
are welcome.  Please indicate at time of submission. Position papers are
expected to describe ongoing work, future directions, and/or survey
previous results.  Technical papers are expected to contain novel results.  
All papers will be reviewed by the program committee for the above
mentioned criteria, in addition to correctness and clarity.  Authors will
be notified of acceptance by 3 July 2000.  Final version of the papers
must be submitted by 31 July 2000.

Program Committee:

   Cliff Click, Sun Micro Systems
   Rowan Davies, CMU
   Torben Mogensen, DIKU
   Suresh Jagannathan, NEC Research
   Tim Sheard, OGI
   Walid Taha, Chalmers (workshop chair)
   Peter Thiemann, Freiburg

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