[mercury-users] Syntactic sugar for higher order types and modes

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Jul 21 15:26:48 AEST 2000

On 21-Jul-2000, Tennessee Leeuwenburg <tjleeuw at students.cs.mu.oz.au> wrote:
> > 	- In `:- pred foo is bar.', case (2), the use of the word `is'
> > 	  does not match the meaning of `is' in the English language,
> > 	  so it doesn't read well.  Really what this declaration is
> > 	  saying is that `foo' is a predicate with type `bar', not
> > 	  that `foo' _is_ `bar'.
> Hi! Not that I know what I'm talking about, but isn't == used for
> equivalence already for types?


> How about :- pred foo == bar?

That has the same drawback: a natural reading of that would
be "the predicate foo is equivalent to bar", whereas the
meaning of the declaration that Ralph is proposing is
"the predicate foo has type bar".

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