[mercury-users] file compression in Mercury

Erwan Jahier Erwan.Jahier at irisa.fr
Thu Feb 17 21:35:31 AEDT 2000

Ralph wrote:
| > Has anyone ever implemented a Mercury program that performs 
| > file (image or text) compression?
| I did indeed - I've got a fast, efficient implementation of LZW
| compression as taken from the 129.compress SPEC95 benchmark.  It
| runs at about half the speed of the C version.  

What about memory consumption? 
Is your program able to compress, let's say, more than 100 Meg files?

The reason why I ask is that I try to (re)-convince someone that declarative
programming "in the large" is viable. He told me he has lost his faith in
such languages a few years ago when he failed to implement an efficient (both
in terms of speed and memory consumption) functional program that compresses
more than 100 Meg files.

| I think the decompression program has drifted slightly out sync with the
| compressor so I'll take a look and submit it (well, as soon as
| MSR's lawyers get back to me about licenses etc. - hopefully
| there won't be a problem).



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