[mercury-users] higher order syntax

Ralph Becket rbeck at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 11 23:13:00 AEDT 2000

> > I suspect that some/all appear very rarely in existing code; even
> > the existential types stuff hasn't made huge inroads yet, as far
> > as I can see.
> Existential type are essential for the modelling of CORBA and COM
> into Mercury (at least that's the approach taken both by MCorba and our 
> own COM stuff).
> I hope you're not suggesting to remove them...

Good Lord no!  They're vital!  What I'm suggesting is that (a) there is a
amount of code that makes use of the binary prefix operators (some/2 and
and (b) that it should be fairly easy to spot places where someone has
`some(...)(...)' and replace it with `some (...) (...)' to support the new
syntax rule.

It's a very minor change, but not backwards compatible.

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