[mercury-users] mtags, .int files and vim

John Eikenberry jae at zhar.net
Tue Dec 19 21:24:53 AEDT 2000

Fergus Henderson wrote:

> The `.int' files are not really ideal for human consumption.  For
> starters, they have all the comments removed.  So it's generally a
> better idea to run mtags on the library source files rather than on
> the `.int' files.  That way, when you use the tag to jump to the
> declaration of a library routine, you can immediately see the
> documentation of the library routine.
> The library source files are available in the Mercury source distribution.

Thanks for the tip... I downloaded the source files and separated out the
corresponding .m files for use with tags. 

Perhaps these would make a good debian package. Like the source files
distributed separately for many lisp apps (eg. emacs, sawfish). Maybe as
part of a separate docs package (hint hint). Tyson?

BTW, I've been messing with a vim config file. Based mostly on one posted a
while back by Ralph Becket, with a few changes based on tips from the list
and my own fooling around. I added a couple more syntax matches and tweaked
the existing ones a bit. I also have a little script to generate a vim
syntax/keyword file based on a tags file (handy while learning). Would
anyone like these?


John Eikenberry
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