[mercury-users] mtags, .int files and vim

Robert Jeschofnik rejj at students.cs.mu.oz.au
Sat Dec 16 13:04:07 AEDT 2000

On 15-Dec-2000, John Eikenberry <jae at zhar.net> wrote:

> There seems to be an incompatibility in the way mtags generates tag files
> for the .int files... at least in respect to Vim.
> For example, here's a line from random.int and the corresponding tags line
> (generated via 'mtags --ext /usr/lib/mercury/ints/random.int'):
> :- pred random:random(int, (random:supply), (random:supply)).
> random:random   /usr/lib/mercury/ints/random.int        /^:- pred \
> random:random(int, (random:supply), (random:supply)).$/;-;/random:random/


> I'm fairly new to tags and very new to mercury, so I'm not positive, but it
> seems like the way to correct this would be to strip the module name from the
> tag name with mtags.

Perhaps a better solution would be to discontinue the use of ":" in the
compiler generated files. ":" as a module qualifier will be depricated some
time in the (hopefully) near future. Currently, it is suggested that users do
not use ":", and instead use "__". It would seem to me that the compiler should
also follow this rule.. which would also solve this problem with mtags.

That is, unless vim also thinks "__" is special, which would suck.


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