[mercury-users] The Logic of Mercury

Maria Garcia de la Banda mbanda at cs.monash.edu.au
Wed Sep 8 19:08:59 AEST 1999

>> What percentage of the higher order code you have written uses data
>> structures containing higher order objects?

All HAL constraint solvers which support delay are written using a data
structure which contains high order (goals to be executed whenver the delay
condition is met). The structure usually relates, among other things, the
delayed goals to the solver variables they are waiting for.

As Tomas pointed out, using them is a hassle without polymorphic modes. But
giving the need for them in HAL we have designed and implemented a mode
analysis that can handle a form of polymorphic modes for the particular
case of high order (so we can use predicates with polymorphic types like
append/3 to concatenate lists of structures containing high order). And now
we are ready to try to convince the Mercury team to extend their mode
analysis to support this (so we can easely compile to Mercury :-)


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