[mercury-users] The Logic of Mercury

Randall Helzerman rahelzer at ichips.intel.com
Sun Sep 5 17:46:22 AEST 1999

I've got a few questions for the mercurators:

1.  Is there a good introduction to the logic behind Mercury?  It would be
    nice to have a concise introduction which layes it bare from the
    lambda-calculus on up--does such a description exist anywhere?

2.  What is the relationship between the logic of Mercury and
    the logic presented in the book "A clausal theory of types"
    by D.A. Wolfram?

3.  Lee Naish (picture me saying "I'm unworthy! I'm unworthy! while
    genuflecting), in his paper "Higher-order logic programming in Prolog"
    criticizes Hilog and Mercury for not having the "ultimate" higher
    order facuilty--the append/3 which was recommended by David Warren
    ("We're all unworthy!")?

Thanks, from a fan....
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