[mercury-users] looking for a visualisation tool

Gregory Daniel Denehy gdenehy at cs.monash.edu.au
Fri Jul 16 12:58:23 AEST 1999


I'm working on a graphical debugger for mercury.  I've already written the
user interface using Mercury's Tcl/Tk interface, and have most of the
debugger command features implemented.  In extending the debugger beyond
just a graphical interface to the existing textual debugger, I need an
interactive display of the execution tree.  Having looked at a number of
tools already, I haven't found anything that meets my requirements.

The tool needs to be able to automatically layout the tree, including
adjustments for label widths, etc.  I need to be able to add/change the
tree on the run, as well as changing node attributes, etc.  I need to be
able to receive mouse events such as mouse clicks on nodes.  There are a
number of other features that would be desirable, including zooming of
the display, selectable nodes, and any other display feature.  Additional
features such as fisheye views would be an advantage but are not required.

As I am using Tcl/Tk already, a tcl/tk tool that could be embedded into my
existing program would be  most desireable, but any tool that could be
interfaced would be fine.  I'm currently developing the program under
linux/x-windows, but I would prefer a tool that was portable if possible.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be most appreciated.



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