[mercury-users] Modules, Submodules and Instances.

Ralph Becket rwab1 at cam.sri.com
Sun Jan 31 02:26:48 AEDT 1999

Fergus Henderson wrote on 30 Jan:
> David is correct here.  The long-term intent is to use some other
> symbol, probably '.'.  Please don't use `:', because we intend to drop
> support for `:' as a module qualifier, and instead use `:' as a type
> qualifier.  For now, you should use `__'.  When we get around to
> implementing `.' or whatever, `__' will still be supported. 

That's a relief.  It's just that the compiler's messages use `:' and
I've seen recent code do the same thing.  Glad to hear the wind is
blowing against the use of `:'./


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