Mark NG markn at students.cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Jan 7 13:34:54 AEDT 1999

G'day !

I am rather new to mercury and having troubling using float__min (func/0).

I tried to compile this program :-

:- module float_test.
:- import_module io.
:- interface.
:- pred main(io__state::di, io__state::uo) is det.
:- implementation.
:- import_module float.
main -->
        { F = float__min },

and got...

float_test.m:015: In clause for predicate `float_test:main/2':
float_test.m:015:   error: ambiguous overloading causes type ambiguity.
float_test.m:015:   Possible type assignments include:
float_test.m:015: F :: float or (func(float, float) = float)

How do I get it to work ??


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