[mercury-users] "What do you think about Mercury ?"

Renaud Bournonville rbournon at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Aug 17 02:17:44 AEST 1999

Hi all,

We are 2 belgian students, in the last year of our master's degree in
Computer Science in Belgium. We are now finishing the writing of our
thesis, which is about Mercury.

We would like to have your comments about Mercury. Everyone has his own
experience, so some could have positive or negative impression...

- Why are you using Mercury ? (instead of another imperative/declarative
- What are you developing in Mercury ? (the main idea is enough, we
don't need all the details !)  [Tyson's answer : "A Mercury compiler !!"
- What do you like/don't you like in Mercury ?
- What are the advantages working in Mercury ?
- What features do you specially appreciate in the language ?
- Couldn't you find these in other programming languages ? Why ?
  Can you find these in other programming languages ? Why ?
- What do you find "really usefull" in Mercury ?

- What weaknesses/drawbacks do you find in Mercury ?
- What would you change in the language/implementation ?

- What kind of problems/errors have you encountered when you came to
Mercury, coming from another language -Prolog?- or not ? Could you
describe your experience ?

... and the like.

You can send me your message directly or use the mailing list (so others
can benefit of your answer). You choose.

Thanks in advance for your feedback ! This will be greatly appreciated !


Renaud & Patrick

Renaud Bournonville  <rbournon at iname.com>
Finishing a master's degree in Computer Science, FUNDP Namur (Belgium)
Web    : http://www.info.fundp.ac.be/~rbournon
Fax    : +32 (0)81 23 12 92

"La logique mène à tout, à condition d'en sortir."   A. Allais, Pas de
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