[mercury-users] Compiling mercury on a glibc2.1 linux computer

Tyson Dowd trd at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Aug 12 10:35:57 AEST 1999

On 10-Aug-1999, Warwick Harvey <wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au> wrote:
> Tyson wrote:
> > On 07-Aug-1999, Issarlk <issarlk at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> > > I download a release of the day and it compiled fine ; thanks for the
> > > help.
> > > 
> > > 
> > > (the egcs (2.91.66) that ship with Redhat 6.0 linux works well to
> > > compile mercury).
> > 
> > 
> > Can you confirm that it only uses asm_jump.gc grade as the default
> > grade?
> If you want any help diagnosing Red Hat 6.0 and/or glib 2.1, I'm currently 
> running Mercury under both 5.2/2.0 with egcs-1.1b-2 and 6.0/2.1 with 
> egcs-1.1.2-12.  I remember when getting it up and running under 6.0 the 
> rotds went with asm_jump.gc, but I've been happily using asm_fast.gc for 
> some time now.  I can't remember what (if anything) I did to "fix" it (it 
> may have something to do with the `HAVE_INTTYPES_H=0' line in my 
> `configure.in'), but could find out for sure if you want to know.

Ok, the problem is that inttypes.h has some function definitions in it.
These come before the register definitions, so everything gets screwed

1. Do we really need inttypes.h?

2. Do we really need inttypes.h in mercury_types.h?

One Linux it appears that the answer to 1 is no.  Reading the log
messages for mercury_types.h though it appears the story is (or was)
a little different on Solaris and IRIX.

This C9X stuff really sucks... who was on that standards committee
anyway? ;-)

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