[mercury-users] Compiling mercury on a glibc2.1 linux computer

Ralph Becket rwab1 at cam.sri.com
Fri Aug 6 23:54:42 AEST 1999

I think this problem has come up before and it bit me just last week
(same sort of system).  After faffing around for a bit I just
downloaded the latest stable release of the day and it compiled

As an aside: I notice that the rotd library does include the
functional interfaces to single-output-det-predicates I sent in, but
that information hasn't made it to the library documentation.  I
wonder if the doc. extraction tool thinks it has finished with a file
after it hits the first `:- implementation.' declaration?  This is a
bit of a buglet since the functional versions all occur in `:-
interface... :- implementation ...' sections *appended* to the
original files.



> I had succesfuly compiled and installed mercury on my computer before
> (an AMD K6 running Redhat linux)  but since I upgraded it to Redhat 6.0 
> I can't compile and install it anymore. I think this is due to the fact
> I use glibc2.1 
> My question is : is mercury supposed to compile on my system ? Has
> someone on this list managed to build it on a glibc2.1 linux ?

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