"Split" libraries?

Warwick Harvey wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au
Mon Apr 19 10:50:50 AEST 1999


Are "split" libraries (i.e. libraries built with --split-c-files) a 
currently supported feature, or are they something that's fallen by the 
way-side a bit?  Is building them documented anywhere?

I had a bit of a play with them on the weekend (they seemed like they'd 
solve a problem I had), but a few weird things happened so I left them alone.

I've discovered that one has to make sure all the interface files are built 
before attempting to use a `.split' target, and that the `clean' targets 
don't clean up the `*.dir' directories.  Are there likely to be only minor 
problems such as the above if I try to use this feature, or would I be 
better off leaving it alone until I can spend some time to mess with it?

(This is using a CVS build from a couple of weeks ago.)


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