[mercury-users] Gcc compiler problem

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Apr 15 03:34:49 AEST 1999

On 14-Apr-1999, Lengyel Sandor <hunnia at elender.hu> wrote:
> Probably due to a hardware problem, sometimes when I want to make a
> mercury compiler from source, I get a 
>  Fatal internal compiler error with signal 11
> If this happen during the make cycle, no problem, I just restart the
> make.

If simply restarting the make cycle again solves the problem,
then that does sound like it is probably a hardware problem.

>   Can the make install be done in smaller stages, or can I set something
> manually, and than finish the cycle?
> I just tried instead make install
> scripts/nmake install_main
> followed by
> scripts/nmake intall_grades
> (It is the second one which takes forever.)

You can try installing it one grade at a time via

	scripts/mmake install_grades LIBGRADES=foo

where for `foo' you should substitute in turn each of
the grades that you want to install.  The set of grades
which are installed by default is determined by `configure';
you can see what it was by using `grep LIBGRADES configure.log'.

In the long run, of course, fixing the hardware is likely to
be a better solution than installing things manually in this way.

Note that you don't need to install all the different grades.
The default grade will have been already installed, so the
additional grades of the library are only need in case you
want to compile with profiling, debugging, without GC, etc.


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