[mercury-users] Appreciate some help #4:

Tyson Dowd trd at stimpy.cs.mu.oz.au
Tue May 26 15:33:33 AEST 1998

On 25-May-1998, tcklnbrg <at at ingenuity-sw.com> wrote:
> % test.m----Please look at this example and tell me if I understand it. 
> Thanks very much.
Just wanted to show you about a formatting convention that works well
for Mercury.  I'll reformat some of your code in it to demonstrate.


:- module test.
:- interface.
:- import_module io, string.
:- type classname 
	---> validateClassname(string).
:- pred validateClassname(string::in) is semidet.
:- pred javaclass(classname::in) is det.
:- pred main(io__state::di, io__state::uo) is det.
:- implementation.
validateClassname(S) :-

	% the actual javaclass clause would be read in at runtime.

main -->
	( { javaclass(validateClassname("123")) } ->

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