partially instantiated data structures

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Mon Jun 8 21:50:53 AEST 1998

On 08-Jun-1998, jc at <jc at> wrote:
> (1) 
> According to the Modes node of the information documentation: 
> Nevertheless, Mercury's mode system is sufficiently expressive to
> handle more complex data-flow patterns, including those involving
> partially instantiated data structures.  (The current implementation
> does not handle partially instantiated data structures yet.)
> Are there any plans to allow partially instantiated data structures to
> be handled.

Yes.  Andrew Bromage has been working for quite some time on extending
the mode system with the sort of aliasing analysis that is needed to
support this kind of thing.  Unfortunately, however, it is not yet ready.

> If there is some reasonable way of handling them at
> present, then I've missed it.

No, you didn't miss anything -- there isn't any good work-around.
For the moment, you just have to use ground data structures.

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