Mercury and Solaris2.5.1

Henk Vandecasteele Henk.Vandecasteele at
Wed Jan 21 00:37:13 AEDT 1998


has anyone succeeded in compiling Mercury 0.7.3 on Solaris 2.5.1?

I get the following behaviour:
The executable mercury_compile gets generated but when executing it gets
into an infinite loop. When trying to compile 0.7 I found the same 
problem. When debugging, the loop occured in the code 
for the boehm garbage collector. It looked like an interupt was
generated while the it was handling an interupt. The debugger could
fool me of course!

At that time I just fetched the compiled version (which I think is
compiled on 2.5(.0) ). But now I need grade with 0.7.3!


PS. My last option is to leave out the garbage collector and 
    use asm_fast for the compiler. Does that work?

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