[mercury-users] Modular data-abstraction and mostly unique modes.

Thomas Charles CONWAY conway at cs.mu.oz.au
Mon Jan 12 09:29:32 AEDT 1998

Henk Vandecasteele writes:
> > Well, instantiation information and uniqueness are different, but they
> > are very closely linked -- so closely as to be pretty much
> > inextricable, I think.  For example, if a variable is not uniquely
> > referenced, then you cannot be sure that it is free -- because it may
> > have been bound via one of the other references.
> One improvement could be to make uniqueness-information a syntactical
> annotation to the instantation-information.

	unique(Inst) meaning that the top level functor (only) of Inst
		is unique
	fully_unique(Inst) meaning that every bound node in Inst is unique.

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