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Fri Aug 28 23:07:58 AEST 1998

I suspect the Mercury team are well aware of this chap's work, but for
those who aren't, a stroll through Henry Baker's paper archive is well
worth the time.  HB is a seriously smart cookie with a lot of
experience implementing Lispy languages.  However, there is a lot of
stuff that he has written about which is of wider relevance.  In
particular I recommend

	"CONS Should Not CONS Its Arguments, Part II: Cheney on the

a superb paper about compiling to continuation passing style and using
the stack instead of the heap, and

	"'Use-Once' Variables and Linear Objects--Storage Management,
	Reflection and Multi-Threading"

where Linearity is pretty much the same as Uniqueness.  Nice paper
exploring the advantages.  There are many other first class papers in
this collection.



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