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Wed Sep 24 14:56:49 AEST 1997

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Anthony Johnson <arjohns at> wrote:
> where can I get the win95 verson?

Due to popular demand, I have built a binary distribution of Mercury
for Windows 95 and Windows NT.  It is now available at

For those of you who want to build from the source distribution on Windows,
I have discovered some useful information while building the above binary

	- Mercury 0.7 builds cleanly using gnu-win32 version b17.1
	  (just follow the instructions in README.MS-Windows).

	- Mercury 0.7 does NOT build "out-of-the-box" using version b18
	  of gnu-win32.  I think the problem is due to the mprotect()
	  function in b18.  If that's correct, then invoking configure
	  with the environment variable `ac_cv_func_mprotect_func' set
	  to `no' would probably avoid the problem.  However, I haven't
	  verified this hypothesis.

The binary distribution that I built using gnu-win32 b17.1 will probably
work with b18, but I haven't verified this.

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