[mercury-users] Re: Facilities of Nercury

Paul Massey pma at miscrit.be
Thu Mar 6 02:00:39 AEDT 1997


Fergus> equivalents in the latest development version,
Fergus> called functor/3, arg/3, and (tentatively) expand/4
Fergus> (`=..' is hardly mnemonic, and expand/4 is not much
Fergus> better; does anyone have a suggestion for a better
Fergus> name for this predicate?).  These will be available
Fergus> in the next release of Mercury.

If the predicate does something like the 'univ' operator in
standard prolog (and from reading the documentation it does
appear to) then the predicate name should probably remain as
'=..'. Why change a name which appears in most standard
prolog textbooks (even if the name is not mnemonic or easily
understandable) ? Of course, I'm not saying that an
additional (more mnemonic) definition shouldn't be provided
in the library.

Just a thought,


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