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Thomas Charles CONWAY conway at cs.mu.oz.au
Fri Jun 20 07:54:39 AEST 1997

Jerzy Karczmarczuk, you write:
> Dear Mercurians,
> I am sure I could find this information by browsing all your
> comprehensive documentation, but perhaps you might answer anyway:
> Does Mercury provide any kind of graphical output, the Xlib calls,
> or whatever?
> I know that interactive I/O, and event processing in a pure logical
> language is delicate, as in pure functional languages, so usually
> this is not the developers priority, but now even Haskell has a
> powerful graphism. What about Mercury?

The current release (0.6) doesn't have support for graphical interfaces,
in as much as we haven't included one. The C interface provides the
necessary functionality to write such an interface though.

I have written an interface to Tcl/Tk and on top of that, I've written
a more "direct" Tk interface (that looks somewhat like GoferTk - which
inspired the one I've written). I have also done most of a binding to
OpenGL, though that is still fairly incomplete - it doesn't support
texture-maps or MIPmaps [yet].

Hopefully all three of these things will be included in the next
release, but if there is sufficient demand, I'll clean them up and
hang them of my web page or something.

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