Henk Vandecasteele henkv at
Tue Jun 10 20:37:35 AEST 1997


I always wonder which array bounds are natural to logicians
(starting from 0 or from 1). 
We already had a discussion on that.
The conclusion was that there was no straightforward answer.
The user should have the choice?

Today I found a remarkable combination in the mercury library:

array__from_list/2 returns an array which starts from 1
uniq_array__from_list/2 returns an array which starts from 0

As the documentation of array__from_list/2 does not tell that it starts
from 1, I assumed it started from 0. You can imagine the consequences!

My suggestions:
  - Adapt the documentation of array__from_list/2.
  - Add an array__from_list/3 which has an argument to specify
    where the array starts!



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