[mercury-users] clause/1, functor/3, arg/3 ...

Tyson Richard DOWD trd at cs.mu.oz.au
Wed Jul 9 14:43:22 AEST 1997

> Fergus Henderson wrote:
> > ...
> > Another more long-term alternative would be to extend the
> > Mercury support for meta-programming to include support for
> > a Mercury equivalent to Prolog's clause/1, just as we have
> > (in our latest development release) added support for Mercury
> > equivalents to Prolog's functor/3 and arg/3.
> > ...
> I'am very interested in those system predicates : when will the next
> release be available ?
> (Sorry if I missed the information...)

We've been discussing this recently, but haven't made any announcement -
we hope to release Mercury 0.7 in the next few weeks. 

If you can't wait...

There are untested betas at
the latest of those (4th of July) certainly has (some) support for
functor and arg. But this support is incomplete (higher order types and
module qualification are definite problems), and the release is
not necessarily very stable.

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