[mercury-users] Changes to 'mc'.

Dominique de Waleffe ddw at miscrit.be
Thu Jul 3 17:45:01 AEST 1997

  >>> "Tyson" == Tyson Richard DOWD <trd at cs.mu.OZ.AU> writes:

Tyson> Hi,

Tyson> We're going to change `mc' to something a little less likely to clash

Tyson> The choices at the moment are:
Tyson> 	`mmc'			(Melbourne Mercury Compiler)
Tyson> 	`merc'			(Mercury Compiler)
Tyson> 	`mmerc'			(Melbourne Mercury Compiler)

We also like 'mmc', that's what we've used in our installation where
M$ always thinks their version of mc should be found first...

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