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Fergus Henderson fjh at
Fri Jan 31 23:34:37 AEDT 1997

Tomas By, you wrote:
> Is the source code for the Win95 port available? If not, will it be?

Since you asked for it, the source code for the Win95 port is now
available from the following location:

We've folded the changes for the Windows port back into the development
source code, so in future releases there won't be separate source code
for Windows -- the Windows port should build "out of the box".

> (btw, I just had a look at your web page and the link to the current
> release ( doesn't work.)

Thanks for pointing that out.  We've just been reorganizing our WWW
pages, and we only tested it via the proper URL, not via the old URL.
If you use the URL <> rather than the
old URL <>, the links
will work fine.  (If only the WWW had some standardized way of
renaming old links, sigh.  We changed the URL at least a year ago,
but obviously there are still some links to the old URL around.)

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