[mercury-users] impose a computational rule

Lee Naish lee at cs.mu.oz.au
Mon Aug 4 14:50:50 AEST 1997

>Language semantics options:
>(See the Mercury language reference manual for detailed explanations.)
>        --no-reorder-conj
>                Execute conjunctions left-to-right except where the modes imply
>                that reordering is unavoidable.

For Erwan's application (and probably others) I think a
--no-reorder-conj-I-really-mean-it option (which gives an error message
if reordering would be necessary) is desirable.  This would allow tools
which assume left to right execution to be used safely with Mercury.

Alternatively you could change the meaning of --no-reorder-conj and add
a --min-reorder-conj flag which does the minimal reordering necessary.


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