CFP: Tools and Environments for (Constraint) Logic Programming

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Mon Apr 7 23:01:02 AEST 1997

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            International Workshop on Tools and Environments 
                   for (Constraint) Logic Programming

                         October 16 or 17 1997
                        Port Jefferson, NY, USA

               (A workshop in association with ILPS'97.)



Logic Programming presents in many cases important advantages over
imperative programming and other declarative paradigms. The last few years
have witnessed the development of many useful extensions to logic
programming such as support for parallel, concurrent, and distributed
programming or the Constraint Logic Programming paradigm, with clear
industrial applications. However, although the industrial impact of
(constraint) programming is substantial compared to other new programming
paradigms, it is still far from widespread. One of the factors that can
presumably make the use of logic programming and its extensions more
pervasive by industry is the availability of advanced programming
environments which facilitate the development, debugging, and exploitation
of systems based on these paradigms. Moreover, some of the extensions to
logic programming make understanding the performance of program execution
more difficult. This workshop aims at fostering interaction among different
researchers and groups currently working on the design and implementation of
practical tools and environments for the development of (constraint) logic
programs and related paradigms.


Authors are invited to submit an abstract (up to 7 pages) by e-mail in
Postscript format to tools-env97 at Topics include (but are not
limited to):

   * Declarative debugging.
   * Abstract debugging.
   * Visualization tools for (performance) debugging.
   * Visualization and analysis of sets of constraints.
   * Tools for static inference of program properties, e.g. type
   * Tools for program verification.
   * Other tools for program development.

Abstracts describing tools for program analysis, debugging, and
visualization and their application are of special interest.


   * German Puebla (coordinator)
     The CLIP group, Computer Science Department
     Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain
     german at
   * Marco Comini
     The LP group, Computer Science Department
     University of Pisa, Italy
     comini at
   * Wlodek Drabent
     Institute of Comp. Sci., Polish Academy of Sci., Poland. And,
     Dept. of Comp. and Inf. Sci., Linkoping University, Sweden
     wdr at
   * Mireille Ducasse
     IRISA / INSA de Rennes, France
     Mireille.Ducasse at
   * Massimo Fabris
     ICON, Italy.
     fabris at
   * Christian Schulte
     Programming Systems Lab
     DFKI GmbH, Saarbruecken, Germany.
     schulte at
   * Micha Meier
     mmeier at


Deadline for submission of abstracts:
     July 10 1997.
Notification of acceptance/rejection:
     August 11 1997.
Final version due:
     September 15 1997.
     October 16 or 17 1997.

Informal proceedings will be available at the workshop and electronic
versions of abstracts accepted for presentation will be collected in a WWW
page whose address will appear in the ILPS'97 proceedings and will remain
available after the workshop.

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