[m-rev.] for review: fix half of Mantis bug #548

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Thu Feb 10 10:22:32 AEDT 2022

For review by anyone.

I can see four ways to fix the second problem in Mantis 548.
Here they are, but this discussion makes sense only if you have read
the comments in the new test case descrbing that problem.

1. Change how we represent HLDS vars in the MLDS. At the moment,
that representation, lvn_prog_var, consists of the HLDS variable's name
and its number. This means that if we generate code twice for the same
HLDS code, we will get the same MLDS name for every HLDS variable
in that HLDS code. We could fix this by including in lvn_prog_var
a unique integer, allocated from a counter when the MLDS variable
is constructed, either in addition to, or in place of, the HLDS variable number.
This should be simple to implement, but would make HLDS dumps
harder to read, either by adding clutter (if we keep the HLDS variable number)
or by removing a link to the HLDS (if we replace the HLDS variable number).

2. We could keep locals vars as they are, but add the unique integer
to the field name that we turn MLDS variables into. This would involve
adding an integer, again allocated from a counter, to fvn_env_field_from_local_var.
This may be somewhat harder to implement, because it breaks the current
direct correspondence between the local var and field name versions
of a HLDS variable.

3. The name collision for field vars occurs because two different switch arms,
which are independent pieces of code, use the same environment structure.
We could change things so that independent pieces of code get separate
environment structures. This change would be so complex that I definitely
won't be doing it :-(

4. As a compromise, when we construct the environment structure,
we could replace whatever code appends the lists of local vars from
different places to construct the list of fields to put into the environment
structure with code that unions sets of local vars instead, so that
even if two independent pieces of code specify the same local variable
(as in the case of the code that tickled this bug), we won't get duplicate
field names. This approach would probably not be too hard to implement,
but I definitely wouldn't be able to write a convincing correctness
argument in its favor :-(


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