[m-rev.] for review: update header comment in char module

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Wed Jul 26 14:41:15 AEST 2017

For review by anyone.


Update header comment in char module.

     Delete an out-of-date comment: Mercury characters are Unicode
     code points, so the set of characters supported and their mapping
     to integers is not implementation dependent.


diff --git a/library/char.m b/library/char.m
index 0002c1d5a..4cb30e795 100644
--- a/library/char.m
+++ b/library/char.m
@@ -13,9 +13,6 @@
  % This module defines some predicates that manipulate characters.
-% The set of characters which are supported and the mapping from
-% characters to integer values are both implementation-dependent.
  % Originally we used `character' rather than `char' for the type name
  % because `char' was used by NU-Prolog to mean something different.
  % But now we use `char' and the use of `character' is discouraged.

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