[m-rev.] for review: rename the top-level of the compiler

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Tue Feb 16 12:30:49 AEDT 2016

On Tue, 16 Feb 2016, Peter Wang wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Feb 2016 10:06:55 +1100 (AEDT), Julien Fischer <jfischer at opturion.com> wrote:
>> Rename the top-level of the compiler.
> Looks good.
> These files also need updating:
> .gitignore

I assume you mean compiler/.gitignore?  I couldn't see anything
in the top-level .gitignore that needs to be updated.

> configure.ac
> tools/binary_step

Done (and also updated a reference to top_level.c in the bootcheck


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