[m-rev.] renaming parsing/unparsing modules

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Tue Feb 9 00:18:11 AEDT 2016

On Mon, 8 Feb 2016, Zoltan Somogyi wrote:

> As I discussed with Mark earlier today, I would like to rename
> the unparse.m module he just created, because there are several
> other modules that do unparsing: parse_tree_out*.m, prog_out.m,
> and mercury_to_mercury.m. Since all the predicates now in unparse.m
> convert parse tree components to terms, and none of parse_tree_out*.m
> do, I propose parse_tree_to_term.m as the new name.
> I would also like to rename those prog_io_*.m modules which do parsing
> (not all of them do) to names such as parse_goal.m, parse_dcg_goal.m,
> and so on.
> Opinions?

No objections to any of that from me.


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