[m-rev.] Website, For review: Update the coding standard on the website.

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Wed Dec 25 21:56:01 AEDT 2013

For review by Julien.  This is something I implicitly suggested and Julien
also seems to agree with.  Any other comments are welcome.  Thanks.

Website change:
Update the coding standard on the website.

Update the coding standard to say that we no-longer need to module qualify
the declarations, definitions and uses of predicates and functions
throughout the standard library, except where this is used for

    As above.
 development/developers/coding_standards.html | 14 ++++++++++----
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/development/developers/coding_standards.html b/development/developers/coding_standards.html
index e1c5565..39b4a76 100644
--- a/development/developers/coding_standards.html
+++ b/development/developers/coding_standards.html
@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ you should print out additional text explaining in detail
 what the error message means and what the likely causes are.
 The preferred method of printing error messages
 is via the predicates in error_util.m;
-use prog_out__write_context and io__write_strings
+use prog_out.write_context and io.write_strings
 only if there is no way to add the capability you require to error_util.m.
@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ like this:
 :- pragma foreign_proc("C",
-        int__to_float(IntVal::in, FloatVal::out),
+        to_float(IntVal::in, FloatVal::out),
         [will_not_call_mercury, promise_pure],
         FloatVal = IntVal;
@@ -485,8 +485,8 @@ For example:
 		% Insert a new key and corresponding value into a map.
 		% Fail if the key already exists.
-	:- func map.insert(map(K, V), K, V) = map(K, V).
-	:- pred map.insert(map(K, V)::in, K::in, V::in, map(K, V)::out) is det.
+	:- func insert(map(K, V), K, V) = map(K, V).
+	:- pred insert(map(K, V)::in, K::in, V::in, map(K, V)::out) is det.
@@ -495,6 +495,12 @@ the reference manual for the standard library
 is automatically generated from the module interfaces,
 and we want to maintain a uniform appearance as much as is possible.
+Traditionally most declarations, definitions and calls in the standard
+library were module qualified.
+This is no-longer required by the coding standard.
+The exception to this is where disambiguation is useful for anyone reading
+the code or for the compiler.
 <h2> Testing </h2>

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