[m-rev.] for review: work around Darwin PowerPC issue

Zoltan Somogyi zs at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue Aug 16 22:30:44 AEST 2005

On 16-Aug-2005, Ian MacLarty <maclarty at cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:
> > You also said you wanted -fno-loop-optimize only in LLDS grades; neither
> > the change to the compiler nor to mgnuc implement that test.
> I thought only the LLDS grades could make use of GCC global registers, and
> I check if global registers are being used.

The option and shell variable that indicate whether global registers should be
used in LLDS grades exist and have meaningful values even when compiling in a
hlc grade; they simply shouldn't be consulted in such cases. Your new code
does consult them without checking whether they are relevant; that is the
bug I am pointing out.

You probably want to post the diff again after fixing this.

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