[m-dev.] [Mercury-Language/mercury] Segfault in only Mercury after solutions in a particular code path (#72)

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Tue Nov 17 14:30:08 AEDT 2020

2020-11-17 14:10 GMT+11:00 "Peter Wang" <novalazy at gmail.com>:
> Having said that, I do wonder if the transformation will be less work
> than changing the code generators. It seems like the changes would be
> contained to a small part of each code generator.

I am pretty sure that changing the code generators would be much
more work. The partition of arguments into input, output and unused
args is pretty pervasive throughout the code generators. If you add
a top_in_out function symbol to the top_functor_mode type,
to represent arguments that have to passed by value-result,
you get error messages from 16 modules.


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