[m-dev.] promise declarations and module import scopes

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Fri Feb 7 16:34:03 AEDT 2020


The standard library's int module contains a number of ':- promise 
declarations' in its _interface_, e.g.

      :- promise all [A, B, C] ( C = B + A <=> C = A + B ).

If I import the uint module into the _implementation_ section then
I get ambiguity errors for those promise declarations, e.g.

    int.m:487: In clause for `promise' declaration:
    int.m:487:   error: ambiguous overloading causes type ambiguity.
    int.m:487:   Possible type assignments include:
    int.m:487:   A: `uint' or `int'
    int.m:487:   B: `uint' or `int'
    int.m:487:   C: `uint' or `int'

(This presumably happens because the promise gets turned into a
predicate internally for semantic checking purposes and that checking is
occurring w.r.t the implementation imports.)

Obviously, promise declarations are not a documented feature and the
problem can be resolved by module qualifying the declaration.

I'm raising this issue because I am working on a change that is
(probably) going to result in the uint module being imported into the
implementation section of the int module.


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