[m-dev.] ubuntu 16.04: can't compile stable branch

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Fri Oct 25 02:54:15 AEDT 2019

On Thu, 24 Oct 2019 17:31:58 +0200, Uwe Brauer <oub at mat.ucm.es> wrote:
> I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and just pulled.
> I can compile (make deb) the default branch (d782cce137fd) without
> difficulties.
> But when I try the same for the stable branch (4565a0afc289) I receive
> an error which I attach.

You sent this to the developers of the Mercury programming language.
Please send it to the developers of the Mercurial version control system,
since it is about Mercurial, and NOT about Mercury. The two have
nothing whatsoever to do with each other.


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